Quick 20 min Lunch Break – No Crappy Fast Food Please!

Let’s apply this to the future of restaurant dining.   In the future, on an app in your pocket (or on the web), you will be able to:

  1. Order your food exactly the way you want.  (eg. Bacon Cheese Burger cooked medium well with… Extra bacon, triple pickle, hold the onion, add BBQ sauce, add a side plate, add a side of onion rings)
  2. Tell the restaurant when you will be there. (eg. it will take 5 mins to get to your car, it is a 5 min drive according to the GPS so you will be there in approximately 10 mins)
  3. If you are held up, the system automatically informs the restaurant you are running late to make sure your food does not get stale waiting on you to arrive
  4. On the way, you change your order to also add extra tomatoes and apple pie for desert.
  5. You send an invite to a friend (or many) to join you at this restaurant at your scheduled arrival time (or whenever they can make it)
  6. Your friends accept the invite and place their order too.  They will arrive at the same time or a few minutes later so their food is ready about the time your friends show up.
  7. You get an alert.  Jamie as accepted your invite and will be joining you for lunch.
  8. You get another alert, “Hi this is Jason,  I am the cook for your burger today.  I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know your burger is on the broiler, see you soon”
  9. 3 minutes later you get another alert “Hi my name is Jackson, I am helping to prepare you meal today.  Your fries are in and will be hot and ready for you when you arrive, see you in 3 minutes.”
  10. 2 minutes later you get another alert “Hi, Amy here, I have your table cleared and I have placed your drinks on the table for you.  See you in a minute”
  11. You then notice that Amy has a 5 star rating!  Wow, you got a great server.
  12. As you walk into the restaurant, Amy greets you by name and says right this way,  she walks you to your table and points out where each drink has been placed.
  13. Your friend Jamie arrives right after you, Amy greets Jamie by name and is shown your table.
  14. You sit down and about a minute or two later, Amy shows up with your food steaming hot and ready to consume.
  15. 5 mins later, you need a drink refill so you let your server know on your app
  16. Amy Brings you your desert to top off a great lunch-time meal.
  17. a bit Later, you open your app, select the appropriate tip and rate whatever you like (food, cleanliness, service, app, or anything else [including your cooks])
  18. you are done eating and ready to leave so you hit the door only 13 minutes after you walked in.

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