Five Reasons Why Contactless Solutions are Here to Stay

COVID-19 has really challenged restaurants to adapt their usual business operations. An example is the exponential demand for curbside pickup. Restaurants that primarily offered indoor dining have seized the massive opportunity by transitioning to a take-out centered operation. The needs of the industry, pandemic and beyond, continue to drive innovative technological solutions to help make the curbside pickup experience positive. An easy to use, state-of-the-art online ordering database, aBitNow gives restaurants and consumers the contactless solutions they desire without emptying their pockets.

Added Convenience

Text-to-pay or SMS payments allows customers the ability to pay for their food via text message. This completely eliminates the need for physical payments.

Curbside Pickup

The curbside pickup idea wasn’t invented during the pandemic, but it certainly gained more traction from interested customers. Restaurants even have dedicated parking spots specifically for customers who selected curbside pickup as their order type.

Faster Dining Options

Although indoor dining is now available, some people may feel uncomfortable sitting inside for 40 minutes to an hour. Restaurants and customers who use aBitNow have access to jIT Meals. With jIT Meals customers can pre-order their food before going to the restaurant, finish eating, and leave in under 20 minutes. This gives restaurants a chance to turn tables more quickly, and affords customers some much needed normalcy.

Online Menus

Restaurants who aren’t taking advantage of online menus are missing out on big opportunities. Having an eye-catching online menu will persuade customers to proceed with their order. Looks really do matter in this situation.

QR Codes

QR codes may not have been considered essential before COVID-19, but they have made a lasting impact on the restaurant industry. aBitNow provides restaurants with FREE QR codes when they sign up on the platform. This means customers are able to quickly browse menus and check their bills just by scanning the code.

With all that the pandemic has turned upside down in 2020, most of us would just like the year to be over already. As contactless dining options become the norm consumers will be looking for the quickest, safest way to eat and restaurants will search for the most cost-efficient way of making their customers happy. aBitNow’s is the best of both worlds which means customers and restaurants alike can have their cake and eat it too.