aBitNow Menu Builder – Edit Product Overview

When editing a menu item you of course have all the basic information such as name, description, price, and even an image. However the platform allows you to build out an entire menu. You can plan a future menu such as Mothers Day specials. You can even have special products of the day that may be used for Daily, Weekly, or Monthly specials. We take it even further so you can have specials like “Kids 1/2 off every Tuesday” or even a “Kids eat free on Tuesday”. This same technology can be used for any special days, hours, month or time and date range of your choice. We have also implemented full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities throughout the system.

Let’s take a high level look at the edit menu screen:

aBitNow Edit Product  FullPage

Main Product Information is where you will find the basic information: Name, Description, Price and Image. We also added an SEO name which is auto-calculated based on the name but you can change it as desired. “We have this product” checkbox is a way to quickly turn off a product from the menu in case you run out of ingredients. “Show in regular menu” checkbox will default to on. You may want to turn this off if you only want this item to be used to accompany another item such as a side dish. If you want it as a side and on the main menu check both checkboxes. How to Add or Edit an item on the Menu Step-By-Step” [coming soon].

Display Options allow you to link this product to a particular menu. Menu’s have categories under them so you define the primary menu and the sub-category. For example: an Omelet would be on the “Breakfast” menu then in the sub category of “Eggs” or “Omelets” or as in this example “Breakfast Platters”. All menu categories and sub-categories are fully customizable. “Customizable Menus” [coming soon] blog post.

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