aBitNow Edit your Profile

  1. When logged into the aBitNow App you can click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner and a menu will open beneath it, click on the My Profile link.
  1. Several profile options can be set or edited on this page. You have the option to set a profile picture that helps the restaurant to recognize you when a table is ready for you. You can edit your Email address, Mobile Number, Change your Password or Logout of the App.

Please see our Account Password Reset Guide for help on these options.

Please see the aBitNow Onboarding links for additional Guides.

aBitNow Add Edit Menus – Getting Started Step-By-Step

aBitNow has many different types of menus but to keep things simple, we will focus on standard menus and sub-menus.  All aBitNow menus are fully customizable and available online.  In this post we will discuss how to create a menu, how to create sub menus and discuss the various options available to you on the menus.  This will help guide you through many different use cases for menus.   You could add special menus for special occasions like Mothers Day, Veterans Day,  or other special event dates.  We will touch on these special menus but not go into detail. Requirement: must already have an admin account and be logged in see: on-boarding process.

Edit Menu Button
  1. Once logged in to https://admin.abitnow.com click the menu icon on the restaurant list.  You can also get to the menu by clicking on the “Menu” tab on the Manage page.

Once you click Menu you will be on the main menu site for your restaurant.  From here you can add Menus and Menu Subcategories.  You can also add products to the currently selected menu, here is a quick sample displaying the many options available within the aBitNow platform, but we will address many of these options in a different post.

If you click the edit button you can edit an existing menu.  Click the Add Category button to create a new menu.  Clicking this will bring up a new blank menu template form.  Fill in the values for any menu you wish to create, then click Save Details.  In the following example image, I created a Breakfast menu.

You will now see the new menu on your system.

Let’s go ahead and do a few more.  Create a menu for Dinner, Deserts, Drinks or any other main menu you need. You can skip the descriptions for now.  You can change these at any time by editing the menu.  In the coming weeks, we will also have options for date and time ranges for each menu.

When you are finished, you will see that the menus are displaying in the order you entered them.  You can easily drag and drop the tabs wherever you like to sort the menus.

3. Now that all the main menus are created, we can create sub-categories under each menu.  If you already have sub-categories on your physical menu, you can use the ones you already have.  If you do not already have them, you will want to establish them.  A sub-category is simply a grouping of how you want the items displayed on the menu.  Under the Breakfast menu, you may want to have a sub-category for Omelets, Eggs, Waffles and Pancakes, Sandwiches or any other way you wish to categorize your menu.  You may also want to have a sub-category for sides.  On the sides, you might have a side of bacon, a side of hash browns or other.  Click on Breakfast then click on the “+” at the end of the second menu row to add a sub-category.

When finished click Save Details (if you are editing you will see Update Details instead).  Finish the other sub-categories if you like or if you prefer, just work on one menu at a time (eg. Breakfast) then once you have that locked down, you can move to the next.  We have found it very beneficial to have several staff working on adding menus and menu items at the same time.  Give each person a menu and have them go enter the data for that menu.  See Adding Restaurant Staff [coming soon] for more details.

Now that you know how to create menus, you need to get some people to help you.  Next Step: Add Items to a menu aBitNow Menu Builder – Edit Product Overview.

Please see the aBitNow Onboarding links for additional Guides.