Food Trucks & aBitNow

We all know how hard this pandemic has hit the restaurant industry. We could lose half of our locally-owned food trucks.

The fact is Food Trucks can survive and thrive. They just have to rethink how they connect with their customers. Those “survivor” food trucks are going to rest areas, neighborhoods and delivering to our “essential heroes”.

Food lovers have meanwhile been fighting against 30% delivery fees, ever-changing government restrictions as well.

Challenges Include:

  • No Lines 
  • Expensive yet convenient Takeout / Delivery
  • Changing Expectations and Limitations
  • Minimizing time exposed with servers and food lovers.

But, there’s good news though. Diners continue to find new ways to satisfy their taste for quality food just faster. It’s time to throw the old ideas “out the window”. aBitNow can help Food Truck owners like you who are driven to survive and thrive in these tough times.

aBitNow has the answer to help with:

  • Easy to use Online Ordering and Menu
  • Contactless Ordering and Payment System
  • Inexpensive alternative to high delivery and processing fees

It’s about time that Food Truck Owners have a solution that can help them cut lines, increase business, adapt to external changes, and make more profit. Register your food truck now at and our expert guide will help you get up and rolling in no time!