Step-by-Step Getting Started Guides

The following numbered guides can be used as a step-by-step reference on what you need to do to get started. They are listed in the sequence that we recommend to simplify the on-boarding process of you.

Restaurant Guides

Restaurant Registration – Step by step instructions with video on how to register your restaurant

Restaurant Manager Add Staff – Add staff first so they can help you build out your menu. You do not need to add everyone but we recommend you add a few and recruit them to do the menu build.

Enter Basic Restaurant Information

During registration we capture some basic information but there is much more information that is needed. We need images of your restaurant, more contact information, where to send you your money and much more.

Restaurant Edit Menu

Product Detail – Question and Answer Deep Dive

Edit your Profile

Account Password Reset

More Step-by-Step Guides will be published shortly, thank you for your patience. From your: aBitNow & jIT Solutions Teams.