JiT for Restaurants

The aBitNow brand will bring in the new “ for Restaurants” product.

The new  “Just in Time” (JIT or JiT) product will provide restaurants a new platform to build their restaurant’s online image. With the innovation platform, restaurants can double or even triple the number of customers and revenue they can target during the busy days and times. Additionally, the platform will educate staff/team members on how they can better serve their customers while also getting a huge boost in employee morale. Perhaps the best capabilities of the platform are that it will significantly reduce the amount of work for the service and cook staff, decrease the customer’s time in the restaurant and drive customer satisfaction through the roof!

How does it work? In a nutshell, we cut all wait times and streamline (through the use of technology) all aspects of the restaurant business. If you are wondering if the platform works for businesses other than Restaurants the answer is yes. The platform was built with restaurants, stores of any kind (auto parts, convenience, grocery, clothing or just about any other). However, with our first few releases we have far more capabilities built into the platform for restaurants.

This innovation platform is years in the making and as you will soon see is light years ahead of what anyone on the planet is doing. Here are a handful of the Innovations and wait times we have cut out.

Consumer / User

  • Waiting for a table
  • Waiting for a menu
  • Waiting for a server to bring drinks
  • Waiting for server to take drink order
  • Waiting for drinks
  • Waiting for serer to take food order
  • Waiting for food
  • Waiting to get the attention of a server if you need something
  • Waiting for check
  • Waiting for credit card and receipt
  • Plus… get updates of your order status at every stage (order accepted, order is in the kitchen, drinks on the table, food is ready, etc.)

WOW! That is a bunch of waiting! In fact it is about 75% of the time you spend in a restaurant when you go out to eat. Our innovative optimization platform completely or significantly cuts every bit of these wait times allowing you to eat and run in a dine-in establishment in about 15 mins.

Restaurant / Business / Staff

  • Host time taking names and party count information
  • Waiting on customer to review menu and decide what to order
  • Server time taking orders (and waiting on indecisive patrons from wasting even more time)
  • Server time to key in the order
  • In some cases: cook time! Learn about JiT Meals! JiT meals are meals that can leave the kitchen within 2 minutes of placing the order. Ideas and recipes provided. See http://blog.aBitNow.com/JiTMeals
  • Server time to process payment
  • Waiting on customer to leave after they are finished eating. Really? Absolutely!
  • Real-time updates from customer on ETA

WOW! That is a bunch of wasted time. Yes, all of these cuts come from the customer ordering directly on their own device minimizing wasted time at the table and minimize restaurant staff.

You may be thinking by now, how are we going to cut the “Waiting on customer to leave after they are finished eating” time? This is part of the “agreement” between aBitNow and the consumer. If they are requesting a JiT table, they are agreeing to leave the restaurant within 20 mins of getting their food. Our experience is most will leave in less than 20 mins. We also have an agreement with the restaurants that they will have drinks on the table at the time the customer shows up (but not more than 2 minutes in advance) and food ready within 5 minutes of customer arriving (target is actually 2 minutes). All of this scheduling is managed by aBitNow so it is easy for everyone.

"Customers can go out to eat at a good restaurant for a dine-in meal (including lunch) and get in and out in less time than it takes to sit in a fast food drive-thru line.  Restaurants can seat 3-4 times more customers during every meal time.  This is a huge win-win for consumers and businesses" 

In this brief introduction, we have only mentioned a dozen or so of the advantages of the innovative optimization platform. There are many hundreds more built into the platform. Some we will share in the coming months but most, will be up to you to find the hidden treasures within the platform.

Key Treasures to look for:

Consumer / User

  • Add Favorite Restaurants
  • Invite Restaurants to participate in aBitNow
  • Invite and save guests (Family, Friends)
  • invite others to join you for your meal
  • Add favorite items (per guest/family member)
  • Feedback with video recording
  • My personal “Vault”
  • My “Time Vault”
  • Save money and earn prizes with direct bank transfer instead of cash/cc
  • Virtual Credit Cards [coming soon]
  • Find Restaurants near any location so you can plan ahead for road trips
  • Share your experience on aBitNow social media pages.
  • Give feedback to your server AND cook
  • Love the food, leave a comment or even a tip for your cook

Restaurant / Business / Staff

  • Quick Access to “My Restaurants”
  • User and Team member features integrated
  • Table Management
  • Urgent/Important/Informational message broadcast to customers
  • Accept (or deny) an pending order
  • See the pic and first name of every guest that walks in the door (how’s that for helping you build rapport)
  • Special Events
  • Coupons
  • Fire Sale – Products expiring soon
  • Funds transfer right into your back account
  • Edit home page, contact page, privacy page, full menu
  • Add a special item or menu that is only available at certain times or days.

Watch this space for more hints and helpful information on how you can save more time, more money and other great benefits to leveraging the aBitNow Innovative Optimization Platform.