Food Trucks & aBitNow

We all know how hard this pandemic has hit the restaurant industry. We could lose half of our locally-owned food trucks.

The fact is Food Trucks can survive and thrive. They just have to rethink how they connect with their customers. Those “survivor” food trucks are going to rest areas, neighborhoods and delivering to our “essential heroes”.

Food lovers have meanwhile been fighting against 30% delivery fees, ever-changing government restrictions as well.

Challenges Include:

  • No Lines 
  • Expensive yet convenient Takeout / Delivery
  • Changing Expectations and Limitations
  • Minimizing time exposed with servers and food lovers.

But, there’s good news though. Diners continue to find new ways to satisfy their taste for quality food just faster. It’s time to throw the old ideas “out the window”. aBitNow can help Food Truck owners like you who are driven to survive and thrive in these tough times.

aBitNow has the answer to help with:

  • Easy to use Online Ordering and Menu
  • Contactless Ordering and Payment System
  • Inexpensive alternative to high delivery and processing fees

It’s about time that Food Truck Owners have a solution that can help them cut lines, increase business, adapt to external changes, and make more profit. Register your food truck now at and our expert guide will help you get up and rolling in no time!

Restaurant Survival Kit

aBitNow is the most comprehensive, most controllable, contactless menu and ordering platform
for restaurants available today. And it’s less expensive than what you have now.

aBitNow has a Restaurant Survival Kit to help you best address the challenges that today’s new reality has given us. Diners cling to their phones and government dictates have forced them to rethink ways of getting your busi-ness (Safer Curbside, Delivery and Dine-In) Many of our competitors (and even friends) have been forced to close in part to their inability to adapt to this new reality.

Challenges include:

  • No Lines
  • Delivery vs. Curbside vs. Dine In
  • Reusable Menus
  • Less Tables
  • Employee Safety
  • Changing Expectations
  • Less Tips for Servers, Hostess and Cooks
  • Minimizing time exposed with servers and other employees

But, there’s good news for you. Consumers continue to find new ways to satisfy their taste for restaurant food, and aBitNow has one answer to help you not only Survive but Thrive.
Register now at

An Industry In Free Fall

According to an article by Rolling Stone the restaurant industry is the second-largest private employer in the nation and was one of the first dominoes to fall in the economic devastation of the coronavirus pandemic. 

  • 60% portion of job losses in the U.S. in March that were in the hospitality industry.
  • 9% portion of federal Paycheck Protection funds that were awarded to restaurants as of mid-April.
  • 60% portion of owners who don’t believe federal relief efforts will help them keep employees on payroll, according to a National Restaurant Association survey.
  • $30 billion amount of revenue the U.S. restaurant industry lost in March.
  • 30,000 number of U.S. restaurants shut down permanently because of COVID-19 as of April 1st, according to a UBS analysis.
  • 30% chance a restaurant has of staying open if the coronavirus crisis lasts four months, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • $240 billion Industry’s predicted loss by end of the year.
    BORT, R. (2020). Can the Restaurant Industry Be Saved? Rolling Stone, 1340, 32–35

The virus came in and left workers scrambling to pay rent, feed their families, and figure out whether there will be a job for them to come back to. Business owners are left paying the bills and are trying to keep their head above water. The industry needs a revamp of its business model (even before the coronavirus struck) to keep up to date with the on going changes. With all of these statistics it is obvious that now it’s going to have to, and independent owners will need to plan creative solutions as they stare down what could be multiple fallow years. A lot of restaurants will be struggling for quite some time for the foreseeable future, unless they continue to innovate and continue to change their business model. 

The big companies that have come in the past few years to try to revamp the hospitality industry with delivery apps or fancy expensive POS system processes are actually destroying it. Due to the high volume of consumers using the apps and the need for online ordering, the restaurants have no other option but to get these expensive apps. The big wigs have not helped the restaurants what so ever during the pandemic but have almost made it impossible for them to grow revenue. 

There are solutions out there that offer a massive amount of innovation and will keep restaurants open that abide by all of the ever-changing restrictions. With aBitNow you are allowed to process online orders for dine-in and curbside/takeout easier and much less expensively. Our online ordering system allows you to fully customize your menu and make changes “on the fly”. You can offer your full menu or just a sampling. Our experts will fully integrate with your existing POS system or can even provide that service to you.   

aBitNow is a contactless ordering and payment system using a simple web browser (no guest-app required). Unlike those take-out only apps, you pay no service fee per transaction and your customers pay us only a dollar or less convenience fee to aBitNow. Putting the profit back into your pocket.

Why You Should Invest In Our Mobile App For Your Restaurant

According to Statista the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing increasing damage to the United States’ restaurant industry. Due to measures of social distancing and general caution in public places, consumers have been dining out less and less. This means restaurants are loosing an insane amount of profit and with the ongoing changes across the country and rise of cases this could continue for quite some time. 

Due to these circumstances many restaurants are enhancing their customer’s experience with QR codes and online menus to make ordering dine-in as safe as possible.  At aBitNow we built off of that and took it to a whole other level so that your restaurant can drive in more revenue and more consumers as quick as possible and as safe as possible. Restaurants and restaurant corporations of all sizes are developing mobile apps that customers can use to make reservations, order takeout, and even update their dining preferences. The problem with this is that there are too many applications that are all charging so much money for subscription cost. The difference is we combined everything the restaurant industry was lacking in a mobile app and came up with a solution all on one single platform and it is the cheapest on the market. 

Having a mobile app will help reduce the stress people have of going out to eat especially in a time like this. They can look at your menu before they go to your restaurant and order ahead and have their food be ready for them when they arrive. Flexibility is one of the more significant benefits of having a mobile app. With a mobile app, the ordering experience could be so much easier for customers, and it will help to reduce lines and improve efficiency at the restaurant itself. Mobile ordering also reduces human error, which improves order accuracy and guest satisfaction. aBitNow offers so much more than just a regular app and there is absolutely no commitment. 

Getting Back to Work


Every restaurant and even business for that matter must take extreme precautions as they get back to business.  Staff temperature should be taken upon entering the building.  If they have a high temp, you must send them home.  We know that making decisions like this is difficult especially if the staff member is a star and you are already understaffed.  However, the cost of not doing this could be catastrophic.  Consider the consequences if that staff member were to work an entire shift (or even multiple) and they infected dozens or even hundreds of customers. Customers and staff should continue to observe the social distancing principles that we’ve all become familiar with since the start of the virus.  Your business would likely be shutdown by regulatory demand and the hit on your community reputation could be more than you can overcome.

Dishes or Disposable for your restaurant post Covid-19

Dishes or Disposable for your restaurant post Covid-19. Which Kind of Dinnerware Is Best for Your Restaurant? 

Have you decided if you are using regular dishware (glass, china, plastic) or disposable for serving your customers?  Some things to consider:  

  Dishes vs Disposable 
Pro’s Many customers want the full experience of dining out which includes heavy dishes and real utensils.     Some customers will appreciate knowing that they have completely sanitary dishware and utilities.    
  No additional purchases or trash collection fees   Drink refills can easily be made by supplying another cup 
  Normal process has little change   Less hours of dish washing personnel. Much more convenient and streamlined process for staff 
  Capital costs (one-time) and likely investment already made   Operational costs (weekly/monthly)  
  Dishes vs Disposable 
Con’sCost overhead for paying dishwasher personnel; Drink refills will not be done using existing cups so many more cups/glasses will need to be washed/sanitized every hour.       Low quality / low cost disposable products will turn some customers away so select your products of choice wisely  
Customers will rightfully scrutinize cleanliness more than ever so keep your dishwasher rack capacity under 95% and confirm the water temp is within acceptable ranges.   
  Much larger waste/trash capacity (storage) needed 
If you are new to dine-in, the cost of dishes, dishwasher and racks, depending on expected volume can be thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in capital expense 

Dishes vs Disposable 

Over time, the cost difference between hard dishware and disposable is not a huge factor.  Disposable can be cheaper and offers very little capital expense (Trash cans and storage capacity) over a full calendar year.  However, if you must have dishwasher personnel on staff anyway to account for staff equipment (pans/utensils, restaurant cleanliness) then the operational cost for disposable is higher but not a huge factor.  The bigger factors to consider in making the decision is image. What experience do you want to give your customers?  All of the other things are just noise as they cancel each other out.  Post Covid-19 customers will accept and in many cases appreciate disposable so for now, except for fine dining, disposable may be the way to go.