Why You Should Invest In Our Mobile App For Your Restaurant

According to Statista the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing increasing damage to the United States’ restaurant industry. Due to measures of social distancing and general caution in public places, consumers have been dining out less and less. This means restaurants are loosing an insane amount of profit and with the ongoing changes across the country and rise of cases this could continue for quite some time. 

Due to these circumstances many restaurants are enhancing their customer’s experience with QR codes and online menus to make ordering dine-in as safe as possible.  At aBitNow we built off of that and took it to a whole other level so that your restaurant can drive in more revenue and more consumers as quick as possible and as safe as possible. Restaurants and restaurant corporations of all sizes are developing mobile apps that customers can use to make reservations, order takeout, and even update their dining preferences. The problem with this is that there are too many applications that are all charging so much money for subscription cost. The difference is we combined everything the restaurant industry was lacking in a mobile app and came up with a solution all on one single platform and it is the cheapest on the market. 

Having a mobile app will help reduce the stress people have of going out to eat especially in a time like this. They can look at your menu before they go to your restaurant and order ahead and have their food be ready for them when they arrive. Flexibility is one of the more significant benefits of having a mobile app. With a mobile app, the ordering experience could be so much easier for customers, and it will help to reduce lines and improve efficiency at the restaurant itself. Mobile ordering also reduces human error, which improves order accuracy and guest satisfaction. aBitNow offers so much more than just a regular app and there is absolutely no commitment. 

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