Restaurant Survival Kit

aBitNow is the most comprehensive, most controllable, contactless menu and ordering platform
for restaurants available today. And it’s less expensive than what you have now.

aBitNow has a Restaurant Survival Kit to help you best address the challenges that today’s new reality has given us. Diners cling to their phones and government dictates have forced them to rethink ways of getting your busi-ness (Safer Curbside, Delivery and Dine-In) Many of our competitors (and even friends) have been forced to close in part to their inability to adapt to this new reality.

Challenges include:

  • No Lines
  • Delivery vs. Curbside vs. Dine In
  • Reusable Menus
  • Less Tables
  • Employee Safety
  • Changing Expectations
  • Less Tips for Servers, Hostess and Cooks
  • Minimizing time exposed with servers and other employees

But, there’s good news for you. Consumers continue to find new ways to satisfy their taste for restaurant food, and aBitNow has one answer to help you not only Survive but Thrive.
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