Managing Location Services

Enabling Location Services on your Windows 10 device is sometimes necessary to properly use specific applications. For example; maps won’t be able to give you on-the-fly directions without knowing your origin point. Other types of programs, such as Cortana also require access to your location to provide proper functionality. If you’re a bit of a stickler for privacy, knowing how to disable and manage your device’s location services quickly is essential.

To pinpoint your location, Windows uses a combination of GPS, IP Geolocation, cellular towers, and wireless access points. All information sent from your device is stripped of any personal data and focusses directly on positioning and location. Depending on your device’s hardware, location accuracy may vary.

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows key + X at the same time.

2) Select Settings from the Quick Link menu.

3) Select Privacy.

4) Select Location in the left pane.

5) Select Change.

6) Turn on location services by selecting the toggle switch below enable Location access for this device.

7) To allow individual applications access to your location, scroll down on the Location page, then select the toggle switch below, Allow apps to access your location.

8) Select the toggle switch next to the applications that require location access.
Select the switch once again to disable location access.

9) As a fallback, Windows uses your default location when it has trouble detecting your specific location.
On the Location page, scroll down and select Set default.

10) Once Maps loads, select Set default location, then enter the address, or select your position on the map.

11) To delete your location history, select Clear.
Once the little checkmark appears, your location history is properly cleared.

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