Dishes or Disposable for your restaurant post Covid-19

Dishes or Disposable for your restaurant post Covid-19. Which Kind of Dinnerware Is Best for Your Restaurant? 

Have you decided if you are using regular dishware (glass, china, plastic) or disposable for serving your customers?  Some things to consider:  

  Dishes vs Disposable 
Pro’s Many customers want the full experience of dining out which includes heavy dishes and real utensils.     Some customers will appreciate knowing that they have completely sanitary dishware and utilities.    
  No additional purchases or trash collection fees   Drink refills can easily be made by supplying another cup 
  Normal process has little change   Less hours of dish washing personnel. Much more convenient and streamlined process for staff 
  Capital costs (one-time) and likely investment already made   Operational costs (weekly/monthly)  
  Dishes vs Disposable 
Con’sCost overhead for paying dishwasher personnel; Drink refills will not be done using existing cups so many more cups/glasses will need to be washed/sanitized every hour.       Low quality / low cost disposable products will turn some customers away so select your products of choice wisely  
Customers will rightfully scrutinize cleanliness more than ever so keep your dishwasher rack capacity under 95% and confirm the water temp is within acceptable ranges.   
  Much larger waste/trash capacity (storage) needed 
If you are new to dine-in, the cost of dishes, dishwasher and racks, depending on expected volume can be thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in capital expense 

Dishes vs Disposable 

Over time, the cost difference between hard dishware and disposable is not a huge factor.  Disposable can be cheaper and offers very little capital expense (Trash cans and storage capacity) over a full calendar year.  However, if you must have dishwasher personnel on staff anyway to account for staff equipment (pans/utensils, restaurant cleanliness) then the operational cost for disposable is higher but not a huge factor.  The bigger factors to consider in making the decision is image. What experience do you want to give your customers?  All of the other things are just noise as they cancel each other out.  Post Covid-19 customers will accept and in many cases appreciate disposable so for now, except for fine dining, disposable may be the way to go.   

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