Restaurant Manager Add Staff Guide

Log into the aBitNow Administration page: with your Username (email address) and Password and click the Log In button. If you do not yet have a login, visit to start your on boarding process.

1) Once logged in you will be on the Restaurant Admin page, click on the Staff tab in your menu:

2) On the Add Staff screen you can enter in your employee’s email address and assign them one of three possible roles in your restaurant. You can assign them as a Host, a Server, or a Cook. Each role has different abilities within the aBitNow app based on their role’s needs.

3) Your Staff will receive an email from asking them to log into the aBitNow Business Portal, where they will be able to perform their aBitNow roles as you designated.

4) You can also delete any staff from your restaurant at any time.

Please see the aBitNow Onboarding links for additional Guides.

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