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When editing a menu item you of course have all the basic information such as name, description, price, and even an image. However the platform allows you to build out an entire menu. You can plan a future menu such as Mothers Day specials. You can even have special products of the day that may be used for Daily, Weekly, or Monthly specials. We take it even further so you can have specials like “Kids 1/2 off every Tuesday” or even a “Kids eat free on Tuesday”. This same technology can be used for any special days, hours, month or time and date range of your choice. We have also implemented full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities throughout the system.

Let’s take a high level look at the edit menu screen:

aBitNow Edit Product  FullPage

Main Product Information is where you will find the basic information: Name, Description, Price and Image. We also added an SEO name which is auto-calculated based on the name but you can change it as desired. “We have this product” checkbox is a way to quickly turn off a product from the menu in case you run out of ingredients. “Show in regular menu” checkbox will default to on. You may want to turn this off if you only want this item to be used to accompany another item such as a side dish. If you want it as a side and on the main menu check both checkboxes. How to Add or Edit an item on the Menu Step-By-Step” [coming soon].

Display Options allow you to link this product to a particular menu. Menu’s have categories under them so you define the primary menu and the sub-category. For example: an Omelet would be on the “Breakfast” menu then in the sub category of “Eggs” or “Omelets” or as in this example “Breakfast Platters”. All menu categories and sub-categories are fully customizable. “Customizable Menus” [coming soon] blog post.

Advanced Product Options has many options such as Course: What part of the experience would you like this item delivered with…drinks, appetizer, main meal or dessert.
Availability, Calories, Cook Time and JiT Qualified will be explained in the post “Advanced Product Options Deep Dive Step-By-Step with Video” [coming soon].

Questions and Answers are one of the key innovations the that will help restaurants and consumers save time, aggravation and miscommunication. A Question is simply a question that the server might ask the customer if a server was taking the order. Then for each Question there are Answer options. We go in much more detail in the post “Questions and Answers a Deep Dive Into Massive Innovation in the Restaurant Industry brought to you by aBitNow and the JiT Optimization Platform“. [coming soon] You can add as many questions as needed to collect information about this item or to upsell sides or add-ons. An answer can even be another item. This capability allows for:

  • Upsize or downsize your order: Small, Medium Large, Jumbo, Monster
  • Make it a meal: Fries, and Soda, Chips and Soda, Fries, Soda and Hot Apple Pie, Fries Soda and Cookie
  • Close out your meal with a dessert: Apple Pie, Cookie [choose your quantity], Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Popsicle
  • How would you like your meat cooked: Med-Rare, Medium, Med-Well, Well
  • If you can dream it up, you can very easily build it on this incredible platform

There are many other capabilities too. You can allow people to add extra meat as an example and allow them to add 2x, 3x, 4x… up to 9x of any product. Think, extra eggs, extra pickles, extra fries, whatever you can think to allow them to add. You can even create a bundle list of products that you can offer which includes multiple products. I know what your thinking, if I am going to let them add all this stuff, how does the restaurant get paid, how do we set the price. That is one of the real clever things added to the platform. You set the price per answer. You can also set the max value so if you only want them to order one of the items on the list, you just click the single checkbox. If you want them to be able to order multiples, click the multiples checkbox then you can set the minimum and maximum quantities they can add. All while you set the price. Notice in the omelet example, the customer can order a meat with their omelet that is “included” the price is zero. They are then prompted to add additional meat they can order many and each meat has a price that is added to the total price of the product.

Checkout our “Questions and Answers a Deep Dive” [coming soon] post and video for much more detail including information on courses, Short Name (how it prints on the cook screen, ticket and customer receipt) and much more.

Save, Duplicate and Delete are at the bottom of the screen. The Save also “floats” to always be on the bottom of the visible part of the screen. The Duplicate will create an exact copy of the saved product. If you have made changes, make sure you save those changes before duplicating. The new product will be in this list with the name appended with “– Copy”. The duplicate function copies all questions, answers, default values, prices, etc. It is a mirror image. It also copies the images and changes the SEO name to include “-COPY”. The SEO name is very important as that is what is used in the URL for the product and the file name of the images. See the blog post “Duplicating a Product Deep Dive Step-By-Step with Video” [coming soon]. We also have a post “SEO in aBitNow – How We Dynamically Optimize Your Site Step-By-Step with Video” [coming soon]. There is an option to Delete a product but we recommend you mark it inactive instead of deleting it. Especially if there are orders attached to it. The delete button looks like it is not available but that is by design to keep you from clicking on it. It does work so stay away unless you really know what you are doing.

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